Mastery: How to Learn Anything Fast | Nishant Kasibhatla

Mastery: How to Learn Anything Fast | Nishant Kasibhatla

To thrive in today’s world of disruption and rapid change, your ability to learn fast will be your hidden advantage. In this fun, engaging and thought-provoking session, Nishant Kasibhatla, Guinness Record Holder (2011) and the only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore will show you how you can stay ahead of the curve, and be at the top of your game by learning how to master anything – in a quick, fun and easy way. //Nishant’s Online Courses Supercharge Your Memory Power: Learn the world’s BEST techniques to remember any kind of information (names, books, speeches, words, numbers, facts…. anything!) // About Nishant Kasibhatla Nishant Kasibhatla is a Guinness World Record Holder (2011), a Grand Master of Memory & a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He helps executives, managers and leaders to attain peak mental performance and boost their productivity. In the last 23 years, Nishant has delivered his speeches and conducted workshops in 23 countries across 5 continents. His achievements and work has been featured in international media, such as Discovery Channel, South China Morning Post, Channel News Asia and many others.


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